Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sacred Hour Project

*We began this experiment on Monday, May 18, 2009*

My new little project for our family is designating a Sacred Hour in which we go to our rooms and have the option of read, sleep, pray or think. It is designed to start to train the kids and myself to truly learn the discipline of being still before the Lord. Feet are not allowed to touch the floor. No computer time or TV time. No getting chores done. Just sitting still.

So far I have been able to read and contemplate the ideas in the book, "Crazy Love," by Francis Chan. (And I have fallen asleep for a power nap.) The ideas in this book are so foreign to me that I can only read a section at a time. To truly understand or grasp God's true self is unattainable but I think the effort to grab even a finite concept in my head is worth the struggles. Because if I view my God as BIG and ABLE, then the way I worship, the way I pray, the way I give, is drastically changed. I cannot even put into words what I am trying to understand. This search is changing me. It is changing the way I view everything and yet it is so mind boggling that I cannot comprehend it or put it into words. For me, the Sacred Hour Project has been very beneficial.

Josiah has had the worst time with this concept because he cannot play with his toys. One of the rules is that feet do not touch the floor. So he hates this new idea but isn't that how we all feel sometimes. The idea of sitting by ourselves is scary! And yet it is a discipline that will serve him for a lifetime so I will not be foregoing this any time soon.

Naomi thoroughly enjoys her time. She grabs an armful of books and sits on her bed and reads for the entire time and is not interrupted by silly brother or a questioning I am getting a ton of missionary biographies for her to peruse. ;)

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  1. This is such a great thing! We have always had "Rest or Read", but I think this way gives much more meaning, and not to mention it would be good for me, because I often find myself running around during that time, instead of using it to focus on my great God, and enjoy His rest. =)