Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I have become, one of those

I have recently overhauled our food consumption and realized that I have become one of those houses that I hated going to when I was little. The kind that didn't have fun snacks like Twinkies nor chocolate bars or fruit snacks. The kind that had fresh fruits, nuts, granola or yogurt. There was nothing to eat at those places!

Josiah had two friends over this afternoon and we had peanut butter sandwiches and fruit for lunch. The boys wanted honey in the sandwiches and did not like the mango juice we served so they settled for water. After some hard playing, the troops came by for a snack and wondered if I had any chocolate dipped marshmallows. There were a few other suggestions like ice cream and chocolate strawberries of which I did not have. So once again they settled for fruit smoothies but were dismayed when I didn't have any whipped cream. It dawned on me that my overhaul has been quite successful. My children pointed out plenty of things to eat and were so excited with the smoothies. Although I would have hated living in a house like mine when I was young, I am so glad that we have smoothly transitioned to a more healthier lifestyle but perhaps I can keep a stash of fruit snacks for those who aren't used to such living.

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  1. We have long since been one of those, and so I must endure all those "tofu" jokes!! =) He, he. But, it is fun to have yummy treats like, chocolate chip cookies (in which I use whole wheat flour, and I use half the amount of chocolate chips!!). =) Fruit smoothies sound wonderful, we'll have to come over for those! =)I grew up in the "fun" house, with all the good treats and candy, and miraculously I have come away not liking much of it. But the baked goods usually get me!!