Saturday, October 27, 2012

Chocolatey Kettle Corn

My newest obsession- Chocolatey Kettle Corn.
 So simple, so yummy, and a super cheap treat for the family.

Step 1: Make some fresh popcorn on the stovetop.

 Step 2: When popping ceases, turn burner off. Sprinkle evaporated cane juice crystals over popcorn while still in kettle and stir.

Step 3: Place popped popcorn in bowl.

 Step 4: Sprinkle sea salt on popcorn (you could stop here and enjoy kettle corn or...)

Step 5: Microwave chocolate chips for 10 seconds. You just want them softened, not melted.
 Approx: 1/4 cup.
Step 5: Add soften chocolate chips to popcorn bowl and toss using two wooden spoons until evenly combined. This is the longest step because it will take about five minutes unless you want clumps of melted chocolate .

It is best to let the popcorn sit for a few minutes before consuming but it is really hard to wait. If you don't wait, you'll have melted chocolate all over your fingers (which is fun too!).