Friday, May 29, 2009

Rock Sculpture

We were on the 405 freeway when we saw a truck hauling a large rock. I thought it would be a good teachable moment so I pointed out the rocks to the kids and was talking to them about the artist, Michaelangelo. When he saw a large chunk of marble or rock, he would also envision the "artistic piece" inside the mass. And then he would carve out what he envisioned. He viewed his work as simply letting free what was already there. So I asked the kids what they saw within the rock if they were the sculptor.

Josiah saw a dragon.
Naomi saw a cheetah.
Aunt Amanda saw a four-headed dog.
I saw a bald eagle with his wings partially spread open.
And with great anticipation the kids asked Daddy what he saw. Without missing a beat, Dustin replied, "I see a smaller rock."

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