Thursday, May 14, 2009

Empty house

We have had the craziest three days. While our kids have enjoyed grandma time, we have taken up carpet in three major rooms, removed all the furniture, painted each room (some several times) and reorganized, weeded through old toys and replaced furniture into the room (moved some pieces several times) and found a place for everything and put everything in its place.

Although it has been nice to perge our house of unnecessary items, I found that life without kids around is really not that fun. I haven't laughed hard for three whole days. I haven't had anyone to share the wonder of finding 8 caterpillars on the house nor the excitement to see that they are now in thier chrysalis. No wet kisses or sticky hugs. No explanations on profound subjects like why did Mary's lamb follow her and be disobedient and will the lamb get a paddle when it gets home. No children's music and silly dance-a-thons. No snack or recess. In fact, I think Dustin and I have barely eaten with out the kids here because there isn't a rush to feed anyone. It has been nice to get the house looking more like I want it to but I cannot wait until my monkeys get home. :)

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