Monday, November 21, 2011

"You're so good at those things."

A friend of mine was dropping her daughter off to have a play date with Naomi and she made a comment about the upcoming Women's Tea Party that stopped me in my tracks. She said, "You're so good at those things. I couldn't do that." I had to immediately correct her. Truth is- I am not good at tea parties. I am not good at being organized and showing hospitality.  I force myself to do such things because I believe in what the Bible says about being hospitable.  And I will never learn to do that if I don't practice it. 

I do not remember ever having a tea party in my house as a child. I remember the occasional church tea party but I never had little friends over dressed in lace with gloves and hats.  I think I have been to more tea parties as an adult than as a child. In any case I confessed. I told her that I actually get books from the library so that I can learn how to throw a tea party and what foods to make and how to follow a theme. I get ideas from the internet and I feel nervous every time I send out invitations thinking that I may be the only one who shows up. 

Thankfully my friend was gracious about it. We both laughed. She had no idea. She thought I had it all together. Isn't that what we think of everyone else? They have it together and I don't? It was a nice reminder for me to be vulnerable with others. To share those dirty little secret that guess what? I'm winging this walk too! And by the grace of God, He will get me where He wants me to be.