Saturday, March 6, 2010

Snapshot of this week....

I have spent the last two weeks in a place I call the Curriculum Vortex. Praying, reading, researching and deciding on what curriculum we should use for the next year. Our school year is not the normal Sept.-May so that is why I am looking at those things now. It has been particularly hard this year as I am moving in a new direction. I will be teaching Josiah in a Charlotte Mason method using living books and things and a more logical, classical approach for Naomi. I have polar opposites with these two sweeties. Josiah is my right brain creative, sensitive guy and Naomi is my logical, left-brain, no nonsense, just the facts girl. So while they will have the same subjects, the approach will be considerably different. I found some items on eBay and the rest I ordered from Rainbow Resources. Looks like I am all set for the remainder of this calendar year and I cannot wait to get started.

Last weekend Dustin went on his annual missions trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He had a great time serving but was exhausted when he got home. I have such respect for military and public service wives. Every time Dustin is gone for a couple of days, I am reminded at the heavy burden those wives carry to support their husbands. I do not think I could do it. My hat is off to them.

This week will end in us celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. We have been reflecting and praising God for taking these two wretchedly selfish people and creating a beautiful relationship. I can't get out of my head the quote - What if God didn't give us marriage to makes us happy but to make us holy? I would definitely say that is true. In the short time that we have been married I have seen Christ more through my husband than 25 years of being involved in a church. He daily out serves me and never seeks recognition or applause. That is not to say that we do not have our issues or that he succeeds everyday in those things. But when he does, I no longer see my earthly husband but my heavenly groom through him. I thank God for giving me such a wonderful husband. I thank God for spurring me on through my husband. And I am looking forward to the next decade as we continue to grow in the Word and Spirit together.

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