Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hired Hand

Dustin and I recently began a course through Financial Peace University. While we are in class, the kids are next door being cared for by one of their friend's grandma and our regular babysitter. We did not know that they would actually have some "schooling" which is a great surprise. The first night they heard about the Bible story where Jesus says He is the Good Shepherd and not like a hired hand who runs away at the first sight of danger.

The next day, Naomi asked me if Daddy is like the good shepherd because he protects and provides for us. I agreed that that would be a correct analogy as long as we remember that Jesus is the BEST protector and provider we have. And then she asked, "Does that make you the hired hand?" I was a little appalled at the thought but I kept my cool and said, "Well, do I run away from danger like a hired hand would or do I have another role?" She paused for a moment and said, "I know! You're the sheep dog!"
"Why is that?" I inquired. She quickly retorted, "Because you are the shepherd's helper!"

If only we adults could get this straight as easily as kids do. Sheep dogs are no less important in the workings of a ranch or sheep fold and yet they do not go around barking incessantly about being demoralized or undervalued. They do their part and take joy in their work. May I be a like a joyful sheep dog as I endeavor to work hard for my family and be a good helper to my husband.

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