Thursday, March 18, 2010


This year I have been teaching a class at Groups about Famous Missionaries. We have studied George Mueller, Gladys Alyward, Adoniram Judson, Hudson Taylor, David Livingstone, Amy Carmichael, Samuel Morris, William and Catherine Booth and William Tyndale. All in all they represent 4 continents and at least 3 new translations of the Good News.

As a way to "spice" up the class, I recently purchased a couple of Torchlighters videos to share in class. I didn't quite know what to expect but they came highly recommended. I just watched the video on Gladys Alyward and I am floored. The video was a great representation of her life and the way God used her. It truly brought me to tears.

I also watched the William Tyndale version and that too was excellent. But since it shows him being burnt at the stake for his faith, I would highly suggest only allowing children older then 10 to view it. It seems per prosperous to think of "the church" not wanting the common man to read the Bible for himself. How grateful I am to have the word of God available at all times. And to see the sacrifice it took for me to be free to read and allow the Holy Spirit to interpret it was eye opening.

I am amazed at the way people like Alyward and Tyndale have lived their lives. They are people who took God at His word and trusted Him with everything; even their own lives.

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