Sunday, March 14, 2010

Where did it go?

I wrote a blog last week and now I cannot find it. Weird. I have no idea what it was about so I couldn't retype it if I tried. So I will just try to write a brief overview of our last two weeks.

Funny how I can't seem to remember anything that happened now that I have time to sit down and write. I will tell you that I have been wrestling with many things. We are not the type of rush around, go get 'em, schedule everything really tight kind of people. We like to take our time. We are the kind of family that will finish dinner and sit and talk for about 30-60 minutes after. We don't like to be on the road alot and we certainly don't like rushing from one event to the next. With that in mind, we have been rushing around on Wednesday nights trying to be involved in our area of ministry. But it just wasn't working for us. Dustin and I were both frustrated at the rush rushing and the kids were quite tired and exhausted when it was all said and done. So my very wise husband asked me to take a break and stay home with the kids on Wednesday night. We used to have tea parties and read books before there was a children's ministry so we will go back to that. I got a great book on character building that I will be using on those nights. Dustin will be able to enjoy the whole meeting for the men and the kids will go to bed at a decent time. I think it will be a win-win situation. In the Fall we will reconsider our options and try again.

The kids will be beginning their new curriculum next week. We have already started on some of the books but it won't officially start till next week. I have decided to go a different route this year. While we will be having the same "subjects" I will be approaching them differently according to the strengths of the kids. I will use a Charlotte Mason approach for Josiah and a classical Dorothy Sayers approach for Naomi. I am excited to be choosing my own curriculum for them.

I recently hurt my neck moving furniture. I was wanting to surprise my husband.... guess I did big time. In any case, I hope to go to the chiropractor tomorrow and feel better. For right now I am hurting so I will bid you all farewell. I had wanted to write about the great books I am reading but that will have to wait.

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