Thursday, December 17, 2009

Trying to Read.....

Beginner's Guide to Fasting. Our Pastor challenged the church to fast for the Advent season and pray for revival. "Awake, O sleeper,...." Our fast ends on Christmas Day so we only have 8 days of the 25 day fast left and I feel like I am just now learning what it means to fast. Fasting is not a discipline that many of us have grown up with. I searched the local library and found a book by Elmer Towns that is phenomenal. It is very basic but that is what I needed. It has forms to fill out and keep track of your fast, the Scripture that God puts on your heart and the things He impresses on you. Anyways, by the time this thing is over I will finally get it (hopefully) but I think the greatest point I am learning is that fasting is a discipline and should be a regular occurrence in my walk with Christ.

"I'm concerned that many are not willing to pay the price to experience the presence of God. We expect God to popup on the screen of our life, just because we are surfing the spiritual net. So, we check out the channels to see if God is there. Like most people surfing the television,we are looking for something to tickle our fancy. but that is not the way we find God. We must want it will all our life, so much so that we would go without food or sleep. We must be willing to sacrifice everything to experience God."
- Elmer Towns

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