Thursday, December 10, 2009

Backseat Conversations

Naomi and Josiah were in the back seat of the car last night having an interesting discussion. Naomi asked why did Rameses become Pharaoh? I explained that royal lineages usually passed down to the first born son. She then asked what would have happened if Rameses had died? Would Moses have become Pharaoh? I responded perhaps.
Naomi: If I were Moses and Pharaoh, I would have made the Egyptians slaves.
Josiah: But we are suppose to be loving. Moses would have to show them love.
Naomi: (begrudgingly) I think it'd be better if they were slaves and had to work really hard.
Josiah: But we are to love our enemies. They can't be slaves.
Naomi; Then who is going to build all that stuff?
Josiah: (silence)

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  1. Very cute! Love listening in to kids wrestling with Scripture, Biblical concepts, etc. So precious!