Friday, October 16, 2009

Revoltion of the heart

As I mentioned earlier, I have been reading a book entitled, Created to Be HIs Help Meet. At first I was very skeptical of the book and the ideas presented and wary of some of the views the author had but I forged ahead because she encouraged the reader to delve into the Word for herself. It has been during this extensive study of what God's word has to say about joy, blasphemy, fear of the Lord, submission, being chaste and sober, keeping the home, and training the children and loving your husband, that God has transformed the way I perceive my role as a wife and my actions. It is like getting lasik surgery of the heart.

Nowhere have I seen this more evident than the peace and contentment within our home and interaction as a family. With a concise focus on my role as a wife and mother, I can avoid cultural traps that I was stuck in. I know how to usurp my husband, I know how to manipulate him, demean him and be the boss but what I haven't know is how to be a chaste woman, sober, truly loving and discerning. So many things that I was not taught from the godless women in my family. As you can imagine, this whole process has been so freeing!!

The saddest part of this journey is that I see women in the church do the same thing! Older women aren't teaching the younger because they were never taught themselves. But thank God that he gives us the Holy Spirit to teach us in these matters. Not that I have attained all these things but I am pressing forward to be the wife God ordained me to be.

So I am wondering how many young women feel like I did. Desiring to be godly wives but having no clue as to how to do it. Or thinking you have a clue but always finding yourself failing or going back to what I call the default position. This world tells us that we can have it all. We are the determiners of our own destiny. We answer to no one. We are smarter than our husbands, more capable, able to live without a husband if we wanted to. Submission equals being a doormat. So many lies that creep in. So many half truths to destroy. The truth is that coming under the authority and leadership of your husband is the best thing you could ever do. I feel like I am one who has been set free. I am so thankful for God's Holy Word and His Spirit that guides us and directs us in the way we should go.

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  1. ROTFLOL....I just noticed that I titled this Revoltion instead of Revolution. HE he eh eh ehe he hee.... classic.