Tuesday, October 20, 2009


For months Josiah has been praying for a kitty. We have seen two litters and visited the Humane Soceity numerous times but it never seemed to work out. Either the kittens had sketchy backgrounds and I was hesitant to introduce a sick kitty to the family. One time we picked a kitty at the Humane Society only to have him adopted by someone else. Oops. Throughout it all Josiah had a very specific picture in mind for what he wanted.

A friend of ours posted some newborn kitten pics on Facebook and I inquired about it and kinda forgot about it. Eight weeks later she asked if we would like a kitty. There were two boys left and we had no idea what the kittens looked like. I gave Josiah the speech about accepting the kitty even if it doesn't look like what he wanted, which was a gray and black striped cat. They brought out the two boys and Josiah took one look and said, "That one." He turned around to me and there was the cutest gray and black striped kitty I have ever seen. Our God is so gracious to have painted that sweet kitten exactly like Josiah had been praying for. Josiah named him Dexter and he has been a wonderful addition to our family.

He is very smart. Already using the litter box, eating dry food well and knows that when he hears a crinkly sound, food is around. :) He likes to climb into our laps and sleep and plays around the house. He is so small that we had to put a collar with a bell on it so we don't lose him. I love hearing the jingling and seeing a quick grayish black blur go by. It has been a great experience to see the way that God has answered Josiah's prayers. What an amazing God we have that He even provides a kitty for a little boy.

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