Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Summer Schooling

I have been praying about what to do for the summer with the kids schooling and exactly how the "plan" should go. We started homeschooling in April 2008 and we finished our K curriculum around February 2009 so we haven't been in the first grade for all that long so taking a break seems ridiculous to me right now. I have 3 goals so far for the summer. Continue Josiah on his language arts and get him to read steadily. Introduce the kids to great children's classics and read a ton. And lastly, delve into a subject that the kids choose. So I asked the kids want they would want to study and Josiah came up with an answer I am not quite so ready to delve into.
His answer? "I want to learn how animals have their babies."
My answer? silence, mouth open.....remind myself to close mouth and act cool.....more silence...remind myself to answer him....and squeeze out an "OK" from my mouth.

Where does he come up with these things?

Josiah: Hey Mom! I was thinking. Why didn't God give women three breast? I think he should have given them three. One here, here and here (he motioned the extra one should be between the two already in place). That way they can feed three babies at a time.
My response?: see above response.


  1. I am laughing so hard, I will not recover any time soon. That's just awesome. Those are some great summer goals, though. =) My kids are begging to start their "new schoolwork", but I have still been "under the weather", so I have forced them to take a break until momma feels better. =)

  2. Maybe you could just start with birds. =)

  3. HA!!!! That's awesome. I could have used that extra breast! We've talked about everything up to how the seed gets into the mom's uterus. They've asked, but I put them off. Everything else, though, they have down pat! Good luck with that! ;)

    Our summer plan is usually unschooling, which sometimes accomplishes more than schooling. The girls have already read Little House on the Prairie, plus Charlotte's Web and lots of Magic Treehouse books, Naiah is obsessed with the BOB books, and Jonah is voluntarily working through a dollar store math book, because it has Spiderman all over it. He won't even wait for me to read directions to him, so he reads them himself, despite his claims that he can't. Unschooling is awesome sometimes.

  4. I might be calling you with some pointers on getting that talk started....not really sure if Josiah is mature enough for it and then there is the little one that is WAY too mature for her own good and I would like to keep her sheltered just a bit longer. (pipe dream) I totally agree that unschooling is awesome.... sometimes. :)