Saturday, June 13, 2009

Late Night Owl

I am up late pondering deep thoughts. Laughing inwardly because I have offended my friend the teacher from posting a simple quote on Facebook. Not laughing because I offended her, laughing because I am becoming an educational zealot. I hated those crazy homeschool moms when my son was in Kindergarten. Ugh! The ones that quoted famous people all the time and had an answer for almost everything. The ones that were always reading something and gaining further knowledge in some area. I couldn't stand those people!

Actually I was guilt ridden because I didn't want my son at public school all day. I was mad at my husband for wanting our son to go to public school. I hated woman who found such joy in teaching their kids when I still wasn't sure what to do with them half the time! Well, the tables have turned indeed. Now the trick will be to not be a zealot but to have zeal and zest for the life I am living now and to answer the calling that God has placed on me.

I am also thinking deeply on this whole church hunt thing. What a horrible place to be in! We have been going through a membership class to gain a better understanding of one of the churches we have been visiting. I feel like we are in the vetting stages for Congress as we grill the pastor and debate biblical views on everything from baptism to the second coming of Jesus Christ to the organization of the church. It is exhausting!! Part of me is so done with it but another part says endure just a bit longer. I don't know if this is how one should pick a new church or not but we are at least giving it our best shot in knowing what we believe and what we are getting ourselves into .....which means nothing if God doesn't specifically reveal to us where He wants us. So we wait on Him....

Now that I have unloaded my angst for the evening, I wish you all farewell and sweet dreams.


  1. I'm not so sure homeschooling is something to be a zealot about. I totally agree with you on how awesome and rewarding it is, but it's not the gospel, and it's not something to put in front of people as a stumbling block. Christ is the stumbling block. And anytime we adhere so strongly and passionately to any gift or doctrine or blessing God gives us, however much we love it, we put up something other than Christ as the stumbling block. There needs to be grace and freedom in every issue, until it crosses the line of setting itself up against the knowledge of God. Otherwise we drift into the dangerous territory of setting ourselves up as another excuse for unbelievers to be turned off by Christianity. If they're to be turned off by anything, it should be the message of mercy through the cross, not our methodological loyalties.

  2. Wait! That was me, not Jason. Stupid Google sign-ins.

  3. And there is the rub...not to be so passionate about the things that God has convicted me of and in turn make others believe I am judging them because they are not living the same way. As you know, I come across pretty strong headed.