Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inner Turnings

So I am sitting her late at night stressing about my day tomorrow because I have so many fires burning it is crazy. I hate over-scheduling but there are days that are out of your hands. Tomorrow is such a day for me. I think once we get started it will be okay. It is just hard for my scattered brain to get everything organized.

First we have enrollment for our homeschool co-op which should be simple enough as long as my brother gets there in time and watches the kids while I go sign up for classes. If he is late, it could be disastrous. I guess this will be a good testing ground for both of us.

Next we have opening chapel for the elementary kids and I am in charge of teaching the lesson for the day which I absolutely LOVE!! During chapel time, two groups from my Comedy/Drama class will be performing their final project which are skits that will coincide with the lesson for the day. This is the first time that they will have an audience, props and memorized lines. I am a little like a Mama Hen....wanting to protect anyone from failing miserably.

Then I get a small break for 1st period and get to pray with the prayer group. (One of my favorite parts of Groups.) Second period I am teaching the Comedy/Drama class and getting the next two groups ready to do their skit in two weeks and the rest will be making cards for a fellow thespian who just had surgery.


Third period I get to relax, pray and get encouraged by the other moms since it is my off week from the Kindergarten class. And now that I have everything written out I am feeling much better. Especially since the day will end with a BBQ with some friends and I only have to bring a side dish! Wo-ho! Did I mention that Dustin went to go see the midnight showing of Wolverine? I know, he's crazy. :)

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