Thursday, September 9, 2010

Currently off the shelf...

VIOLENT PRAYER by Chris Tiegreen

Wow. Can I just say wow again? I really enjoyed this book. It challenged me to think differently and to maybe reconsider previous notions. I am still weighing some things and deciding what I believe but nonetheless I found it very intriguing.

The following passage really struck a cord with me:

"If you find yourself in frequent external battles, remember tha the most powerful internal response you can have is prayer. But the most powerful external response you can have is submission of your actions to God in faith, humility, patience, and mercy. When you display strife, anger, bitterness, retaliation, discontentment, and other fruits of the flesh, the enemy will grab onto them with a vengeance and do everything he can to deface the kingdom of God. When you display the fruits of the Spirit, however, there's nothing for him to grasp. The kingdom becomes very clear, and in your response to evil you become very balanced-in a lot less time than Moses."


  1. So nice to hear from you. I really enjoyed this post. Haven't been doing as much reading as I would like to be... =) Love you

  2. Prayer. The forgotten weapon in many Christian's arsenal. What is it that compels us to let our sword get dusty? Lies, I suppose. Satan whispers laziness, unbelief, self-sufficiency and other things into our ears and our weapons become a humble abode for a spider to begin spinning its cobwebs. Violent prayer to me begins with two scenarios; one is in my control and the other is not: personal pain/loss, and fasting. Physical and emotional unrest have an uncanny ability to stir our spirits and compel us to polish our sword and swing it once more. Bravo, Amanda. I'm happy to see you stand as a warrior princess. Trust, hope, and love.