Thursday, May 20, 2010


Our pastor has been preaching on a series about the Ten Commandments. Last week was the fourth commandment, regarding keeping a holy day or a Sabbath. Dustin and began talking about what the Sabbath will look like for our family and I realized that I had never really given it any thought. I just assumed that as a mom of young children, I was exempt from a day of rest. It was in our conversation that the theme of preparation came up (again!) and I realized that young mom or not, I need a day to refocus on God and the task He has set before me and to consciously replenish my spirit as well.

In order to accomplish the goal of "rest," Dustin and I decided that we would do several things.
1. Crockpot dinner
2. Paper plates/bowls
3. No laundry/ deep cleaning
4. Giving myself permission to just sit back and enjoy my family.

Needless to say, in order to accomplish these things, we will need to prepare the week before. Laundry will need to be completed. Dinner items purchased and planned. You get the idea. Funny thing is, I am realizing that with God there is more freedom then there are restrictions. I am so excited to spend a day doing that which I love the most. I plan to be spending time reading, worshipping, taking long walks, gardening, painting with the kids, and maybe even a nap.

The point is that I had put on myself so many restrictions and expectations. Much like the Israelites, I took God's Law and added a burden to them that God did not intend. There is freedom in Christ!


  1. This is one that we've struggled with a lot, Amanda. We have a farm and a farm is a 24/7 operation. I HAVE to milk twice a day. I HAVE to feed them twice a day. A schedule is everything and livestock doesn't know what sabbath is. How should I go about it? And is it even possible?

  2. Obviously there are some things that we will HAVE to do (even if we don't have a farm.) But I think like with everything else, it is a condition of the heart. What will you do with the time that you are not milking or feeding? And when you do your work are you rejoicing in God as well? Have you ever read "Farmer Boy" by Laura Ingalls Wilder? Almanzo's family celebrated the Sabbath by doing their farm chores and then sitting on the porch for the rest of the day. Occasionally his dad would fall asleep in the chair and the family would discuss the sermon etc... Could something like that work for you?